Conscientious care thanks to integrated hygiene systems

Anthos is extremely attentive to hygiene, allowing dentists to comply fully with proper working practices and ensure patients' wellbeing via the use of high-performance instruments that safeguard health every minute of the day.The video takes the viewer through the day, showing all the recommended tasks needed to maintain proper hygiene both inside and outside the dental unit. Each procedure is explained in detail, illustrating all the procedures for proper control of the devices, including how to customise operation of the various systems.

Real-time communication and diagnostics

Incorporating the latest generation of multimedia devices on the dental unit immediately boosts the dentist’s diagnostic capabilities and smoothly integrates them into the treatment centre. Through the use of film and simple infographics, the video illustrates how to use the incorporated video camera, the X-ray sensor, the LED monitor and the Full Touch 5.7” display. Every stage of image capture, saving and management - performed with iRYS software - is illustrated in detail to underline the user-friendliness of the system and the speed with which diagnostic quality images can be made available on the dental unit.

Integrated apex locator

With a dedicated contra angle, Anthos provides the convenience of an apex locator incorporated in the dental unit. The video shows how to set the parameters according to the type of treatment being performed and how to show positioning of the file in the root canal on the dentist's module display or, where present, on the incorporated monitor too. Featuring 3D animations and films of the Full Touch control panel, the video explains the procedure clearly, step by step.

Reciprocating mode for endodontic treatment

Incorporating reciprocating mode movement in the micromotor makes it easier to perform endodontic treatment. The video illustrates the benefits of the special files and uses 3D animation to show the various functions associated with them. Moreover, the film also shows how to interact with the Full Touch display to obtain complete control of the instrument before and during treatment (i.e. to establish settings and control the procedure).

Classe L9, A patient chair that offers comfort and wellbeing

Classe L9 features a patient chair designed to ensure a pleasant experience during the patient's visit to the dentist: because feeling at ease is essential to the good outcome of treatment. The patient chair is also designed to make the dentist's work easier.The video shows all the chair functions and its innumerable positions. It illustrates all the ergonomic benefits of synchronised movements, highlighting a design that includes a pneumatic headrest and a retractable, motor-powered footrest. It also shows how to control the chair via the Full Touch display- the innovative tactile interface powered by a latest-generation microprocessor.

A and A-PLUS autoclaves

The Anthos A-17 plus, A-22 plus and A-28 plus autoclave line provides a modular solution that maximizes flexibility and reliability over time, streamlining everyday procedures via user-friendly controls that are smoothly integrated on the colour lcd touchscreen. Anthos employs self-developed technology and a unique understanding of the sector to ensure sterilisation workflows are both faster and simpler. Designed to give an ultra-reliable helping hand to dental surgeries aiming to simplify daily workflows. offering the cutting-edge performance dentists have come to expect from Anthos, these sterilisers employ triedand- tested systems and materials of only the very highest quality.

Classe R7 Quickswitch concept

Classe R7 can, in just a few quick moves, be converted from a right-handed dental unit to a left-handed one. The Classe R7 can, in just a few quick moves, be converted from a right-handed dental unit to a left-handed one. First the user switches the unit body and assistant’s module from right to left. then, via a simple rotation movement, the dentist’s module is positioned on the opposite side of the patient chair. transformation is completed via simple re-positioning of the dentist’s module control panel.